The Regal Kitchens Difference

R egal Kitchens & Baths has been widely recognized as the premier kitchen and bath dealer in the New York tri-state area. Serving the real estate industry for over 26 years, Regal Kitchens and Baths has become renowned in the industry for providing full service kitchens, from design to installation, with a quick turnaround. Our clients, representing a cross section of real estate owners, landlords, and managers, know that Regal Kitchens will provide not only a supreme product, but also a supreme service. Whether it is a new construction or a renovation, Regal Kitchen & Baths is the place to go for all kitchen needs.

Regal Kitchens is a cost efficient renovator. That means we focus on creating a kitchen that will ultimately increase your bottom line. Not only do we make every effort to minimize the renovation cost without sacrificing long term quality, we also deliver a quick execution with a fast turnaround so you can begin renting quickly and recoup the investment. Renovating a kitchen using an extraordinary design will ultimately allow owners, landlords and management to increase rents and maximize the rent rolls. In addition, new kitchens will improve the tenant population and reduce rental turnover. With Regal Kitchens, you can maximize your revenues and minimize your work. We will micromanage the entire renovation process—so you can focus on revenues.